29 dezembro 2010

Review: Rosemary and Rue

Publisher: DAW (2009)
Format: Mass Market Paperback | 346 pages
Genre(s): Urban Fantasy
Description: "October "Toby" Daye, a changeling who is half human and half fae, has been an outsider from birth. After getting burned by both sides of her heritage, Toby has denied the Faerie world, retreating to a "normal" life. Unfortunately for her, the Faerie world has other ideas...

The murder of Countess Evening Winterrose pulls Toby back into the fae world. Unable to resist Evening's dying curse, which binds her to investigate, Toby must resume her former position as knight errant and renew old alliances. As she steps back into fae society, dealing with a cast of characters not entirely good or evil, she realizes that more than her own life will be forfeited if she cannot find Evening's killer
I'm still not sure if I just liked this book or liked it... a lot. It has great world building (even though it's somewhat 'info-dumpey', the way the information is presented - dreams and visions - makes it interesting, not boring) and I loved some of the "mysteries" of Faerie like the disappearance of the older fae (including Oberon and the other rulers) and how even the fae forgot some things about their past. I also liked some of the characters (loved Lily and Tybalt - finally an alpha male/ romantic interest that isn't... "obvious". And of course, Luna). The mystery plot was captivating, although it took me a while to get into it.

On the other hand, I didn't much care for Toby... she seemed a bit whiny and helpless. It's not that I wanted her to be all-powerful but if your character is going to be a P.I. I expect him/her to be at least able to defend him/herself. Also there wasn't a lot of action, so readers expecting fights might be disappointed.

Overall, it was an interesting read. Now that the author established her world I expect the other books to be less descriptive and more plot and character driven.

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