06 agosto 2011

Review: Warped (Maurissa Guibord)

Warped by Maurissa Guibord
Publisher: Delacorte Books (2011)
Format:  Hardcover | 350 pages
Genre(s): Young Adult, Paranormal Romance

There are books that disappoint you terribly because you had high expectations; books you find were better then you expected because you had low or no expectations; and then there are those books that you like in spite of knowing they aren't that good. For me, "Warped" fits into the third category. While I read it I catalogued all it's flaws: weak characters, insta-romance, unrealistic premise and weak story. But... I still liked it. Because I also saw potential.

Now, I'm no professional judge of books and what is good or bad literature. I can merely give an opinion about a book, write about what I 'feel' would have worked better. It's a mostly subjective view although I do try to focus on character development, world-building and plot complexity. Which means that even if I liked a book I'll always find flaws. But even this attempt at objectivity doesn't always work.

All this to say it didn't work with "Warped". I liked the author's voice even if I thought she could have written a much better book. If only she had developed her characters better and had taken her story in a different direction.

"Warped" is a story about a girl and a tapestry. Tessa (the protagonist) comes into possession of an ancient tapestry that depicts a unicorn. She feels there is something strange about it but it's still very surprised when she pulls a thread and a guy pops out of the tapestry. He is William de Chaucy, 16th century noble, who was imprisoned within in order to provide the gift of eternal youth to the owner of the tapestry (who is, of course, a witch).

On the whole not a very exciting story. I found the plot simplistic and unbelievable, the characters too stereotyped and the romance flat and too instantaneous for my taste. Basically "Warped" has all the major flaws that your typical YA paranormal romance has. So why did it stand out for me? Because of the potential for more. Because of the Fates/ Norns and the fact that the author hinted that Tessa was more than she appeared.

Overall: "Warped" is a very typical YA fantasy book. It definitely won't stand out; it's not even that good. Still I think Guibord intends to do more with the plot and characters so while this first book wasn't brilliant I think the concept can evolve into a great story. I am considering this an introductory book and hoping there will be a second with a more intricate and complex plot.

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Liliana Lavado disse...

Yes, the most important thing is that you liked the time you spend reading the story.

It seems nice :)

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