14 fevereiro 2012

Review: Oresama Teacher , vol. 1 (Izumi Tsubaki)

Oresama Teacher , Vol. 1 by Izumi Tsubaki
Publisher: Viz Media (2011)
Format: Paperback | 192 pages
Genre(s): Manga, Shojo, Comedy
Description (GR): "Reads R to L (Japanese Style) T audience.Mafuyu is the ideal yanki chick—no-nonsense, take-charge, and hard-hitting. But when she gets expelled for being a delinquent, her mother, fed up with her daughter’s wayward ways, sends Mafuyu to an isolated school far off in the country.
Mafuyu, determined to make the best of the situation and make her mother proud, decides to turn over a new, feminine, well-behaved leaf. But her yanki soul can’t be kept down, and the night before school starts she finds herself defending some guy who’s getting beaten up. One slip wouldn’t have been a problem, except the guy is…her teacher?! How can Mafuyu learn to be a girly girl if her teacher won’t let her forget her yanki past?"
There is some pretty nonsensical manga out there. One good example is Ouran High School Host Club which starts with a completely unbelievable situation and progresses into full-blown comedy and randomness (I haven't read it all yet, but as far as I did, it was a mix of crazy humor and some romance trying to get airtime). The saving grace of these type of (sort-of) gag shojo mangas is that they are genuinely funny. And there is some (very faint) sense in the story. Oh and the characters are actually likable.

Oresama Teacher is definitely one of this random-nonsense-happening-every-minute kind of manga. Mafuyu Kurosaki is a girl who's been expelled from her high school for fighting and as the story opens she is starting at a new school. She is determined to do well and not fall into old habits... she wants to be girly and fragile and everything she wasn't before, basically. But on the evening before her first day of classes she runs into a fight! She feels compelled to aid the guy being beaten and it turns out he is one of her new teachers. The rest of the volume follows Mayufu as she learns more about her school, makes friends (or so she thinks) with the school bad boy and is 'bullied' (I use quotes because I don't really know what to call this relationship) by aforementioned professor.

So, yeah, basically Oresama Teacher volume 1 is the very definition of randomly humorous. I'm not some big manga expert but I didn't get some of the scenes... some panels were confusing. Also, the story was just a little too random. Sure, it was funny, sometimes, but mostly it was just... random. There wasn't a lot of coherency to the plot and I actually thought the story between Mafuyu and the teacher was just too unbelievable, even for manga!
And I didn't particularly like any of the characters. The teacher was awful, Mayufu was okay but unremarkable and the delinquent guy (I forget his name) was just... forgettable and dumb.

Overall, this manga didn't impress me and I think that if you want a reader to collect who knows how many volumes you really have to make a good impression with the first chapters. I didn't feel like there was a story or something to go from where the first volume ended.

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